What exactly are pot pesticides, and why are they banned?

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“By , The Cannabist Staff

The marijuana industry has a pesticide problem.

In the absence of federal guidance on pesticide application — the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates the use of pesticides throughout the country, marijuana is still federally illegal, the EPA won’t allow cannabis on any pesticide’s label, yada yada — pot growers have long been using pesticides they shouldn’t have been.

As pesticide regulations are under scrutiny in ColoradoOregon and elsewhere, some Cannabist readers have asked the question: “What are these pesticide chemicals, anyway, and what makes them so bad?”

So we wanted to list the five most common banned pesticides found in recalled marijuana products in Denver — and what the experts know about them. Mind you, research on pesticides and cannabis is lacking, given that whole federally illegal component of this situation. These pesticide chemicals are allowed on some food items, but given marijuana’s unique pattern of use — where the cured plant materials are exposed to high levels of heat and then inhaled or eaten — there’s nothing in traditional agriculture to compare it to.”


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