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Certified Organic

We are a very small organization, and this is a big business, and has always been a big business. There will be many bumps along the road to reform, and we plan to inform. One thing to know about Certified Organic Marijuana is… there isn’t any! Without cannabis being legal federally, it cannot be ‘certified organic’. While we are on that topic of the term ‘certified organic’, it’s meaning varies in different territories, and it’s legal definition has changed over time.

There are a number of certifying bodies, and there is more info at this Wikipedia link. Like any system, it is not perfect, and humans tend to do the wrong thing for the money, which is why we have this type of regulatory body in the first place. The subject of ‘money’ leads to a much deeper level of underlying issues with civilization in general, and we shall attempt to also shine a light here as well.

The above paragraph covers three major topic rabbit holes, and four if you include ‘ the human condition’ in general. We are a product of our environment, so we will focus on improving that environment.


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