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More Washington Cannabis Testing Lab Cheating Alleged


“In early 2016, Dr. Jim McRae, founder of Straight Line Analytics, roiled the Washington cannabis industry with allegations of rampant cheating by licensed cannabis testing labs who were boosting THC potency results to grow cultivator clients. Unfortunately, the problem persists, as an […]

Legal Marijuana Spending Could Grow To $21 Billion By 2021


“Canadians and Americans spent US$56.4 billion on marijuana in 2016, and 88 per cent of that spending was illegal, according to a new report.

The report by ArcView Market Research, titled “The State Of Legal Marijuana Markets,” looked at legal […]

As pot prices plunge, growers scramble to cut their costs


“The increasing supply of legal marijuana is turning into a major buzz kill for growers as prices plunge — and an opportunity for companies that can help cut production costs.

Prices are tumbling as formerly illicit cultivators emerge from the shadows to invest […]

Many 2016 Emerald Cup winners disqualified for pesticides


“The Emerald Cup has brought an audience of tens of thousands to the Sonoma County fairgrounds each of the last four years, and the contest’s environmental focus sets it apart from other cannabis competitions.

But this year, pesticides upended many of […]

10 Largest Marijuana Companies Rake in Huge Profits

From an article on

“After the November elections proved to be a tipping point for legal weed, the financial impact of cannabis products on the U.S. economy became a subject for researchers, economists and stock watchers across the land.

According to Arcview […]

The Biomeme System – a DNA lab on your phone

From Tech Times .com

“Biomeme has developed a device that turns any iPhone into a mobile DNA lab to accurately perform tests to identify things like microbes, infectious contaminants, foodborne pathogens and genetic mutations. This innovation looks to change the way DNA analysis is conducted.

‘Everything […]