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What’s in your Weed? There’s an increasing amount of 'bad stuff' in marijuana these days, as growers look for ways to maximize their profits by boosting yield: anything from toxic mold to animal waste contaminants to commercial synthetic fertilizers and insecticides.

Why Should You Care? Well, here’s one story to consider...

Colorado’s largest pot grower sued by two consumers over pesticide use
"Colorado marijuana business LivWell has been sued by two cannabis consumers over selling pot grown with an unallowed pesticide that allegedly turns into cyanide when smoked." - Read the full article here.

What Can You Do? Use this website to stay on top of the developments in this rapidly changing industry. We will strive to tell you where the problems are, and we hope to highlight the companies that are striving to keep marijuana production organic and efficient as prices begin to drop and more and more jurisdictions legalize marijuana around the world. We welcome your input, as we develop this community resource. - Read more here

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